The Gareage Equipment Money Savers ATF VOSA – DVSA compliant vehicle inspection pits are steel fabricated and are supplied completely fitted out and ready for your own installation.

We can supply DVSA compliant vehicle inspection pits from 8m up to 30m long for car and commercial vehicles, PSV and trailers. All working pits built to your requirements. We don’t compromise on quality, but we can save you money.



ATF – DVSA Compliant Inspection Pits

For more product information, or to discuss your garage equipment needs in more detail, please telephone 01823 617 767 or email us.

Important information

Only the DVSA / VOSA can authorise an appointment as a MOT or approve any equipment used in an existing MOT Bays. DO NOT BUILD or CONVERT PREMISES OR BUY MOT TESTING EQUIPMENT until you apply on a VT-01 Application form and get written authorisation.

Telephone us on 01823 617 767 for more information and to discuss your MOT Bay plans.