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Pits from 8m – 30m designed to your own specifications. Supplied completely fitted out and ready for your own installation.

  • Commercial Vehicle INSPECTION PIT Standard details
  • 1000mm Wide x 1.65m deep
  • 5mm pressed steel recessed side walls. 6mm pressed durbar floor sloping to central sump
  • Access Stairs one end, straight or cranked Ships Ladder. Rail mounted if required. Note. Access Stairs take up approx. 1.5m of total Pit Length (Optional side tunnel entrance POA)
  • 150mm x 75mm deep captive Jacking Beam with safety stops
  • Provision for secondary floor level at 1400mm complete with removable non-slip gratings
  • Spillage sump central
  • Airline – ½” BSP Galvanised tube with 2 Double Outlets 90/110 series
  • Lighting – to suit Pit length -1.5 240v single tube luminaries Zone 2
  • 1 x Low Voltage Socket (Transformer not supplied)
  • Exterior black container paint finish Internal de-greased and abraded prior to three coats of zinc phosphate white and finished in gloss white enamel.

PRICES for PITS supplied with Lighting, Airline & 110v Socket


PITS from 6.0m to 30.0m Long – Widths - 900mm , 1000mm, 1200mm & 1500mm. Depth from 1.2 to 1.65m. Full range of Options

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Pre-fabricated VOSA inspection pits
Pre-fabricated VOSA inspection pits
Pre-fabricated VOSA inspection pits

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We can supply vehicle inspection pits - from 8m up to 30m long - for car and commercial vehicles, PSV and trailers. All working pits built to your requirements. We don’t compromise on quality, but we can save you money.

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MOT and ATF Inspection Pits

Garage Equipment Money Savers offer a wide range of vehicle inspection pits, including VOSA Class IV, V & VII, and ATL working Pits.

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Supply & fit 11 x 1.5m IP56 Light units – 2 x 110v sockets and termination boxes

Special GEMS Price - £1,560.00 + VAT

Air Hose Brackets and pipe complete with 2 x take off points

Special GEMS Price - £150.00 + VAT

For each additional metre of Pit length required

Special GEMS Price - £950.00 + VAT

CV Play Detector Trays (per pr)

Special GEMS Price - £450.00 + VAT

CV Radius Plate holder Trays (pr)

Special GEMS Price - £150.00 + VAT

Class IV.VII Play detector Tray with H/D 10mm Durbar Cover Plate

Special GEMS Price - £399.00 + VAT

Hand rails for Tunnel exits – finished in Yellow Enamel (per pair)

Special GEMS Price - £575.00 + VAT

Pair of Commercial Brake Tester Hand rails Finished in Yellow Enamel

Special GEMS Price - £197.00 + VAT

Aluminium Step Up Platform 1m x 1m (6mm thick) with under bracing

Special GEMS Price - £193.00 + VAT

Aluminium Pit Bridge with Aluminium Hand Rails

Special GEMS Price - £475.00 + VAT

Aluminium Pit Covers- 6mm thick 5 bar aluminium braced to Under side with 75x6 flat aluminium 50mm overlap to each side of Pit. Made in 2m sections.

Special GEMS Price - £190.00 + VAT (per running metre)

Nozzles and exterior ductwork for PET REGULATIONS


Ground work - Pit excavation, Pit installation & laser alignment, concrete pour and finish to final floor level.

Price on application


  • Vehicle Inspection Pits are manufactured in the UK to the very highest standards
  • Supplied and delivered in one piece ready for a quick and trouble free installation
  • Manufactured from Mild Steel sheets, MIG welded to form water tight sumps
  • All Pits are complete with Lighting and Electrics
  • Integral straight Jacking Beam Rail included
  • Fully sealed to stop the ingress of water and gasses or the escape of harmful fluids
  • All welding by coded welders to EN1090 part 2
  • Structural calculations, Certified , CE marked if required

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