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Vehicle Inspection Pits

Vehicle inspection pits supplied by Garage Equipment Money Savers are manufactured in the UK to the very highest specifications. Only top quality steel is used in construction with all welding carried out by coded welders. Our vehicle inspection pits are marked with the GEMS logo and are CE EN1090-1-EXC2 certified. Pits can be supplied in any length, width and depth to suit customers requirements, and are supplied with recessed lighting – low voltage sockets – steel air line & sump. For customers that carry out their own installation, we offer expert advice – layout drawings – dig plan – full instructions & personal contact Pits of up to 20m in length can be transported to site in one piece for easy installation. We supply top support bars to suspend the pit into the excavation or base supports for new buildings We also offer a full or partial , groundwork installation programme covering design, drawings, site excavation, removal of spoil install and laser levelling of pit, install of service piping and concreting to finished floor level.

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CE. Requirements & Important Safety Information

Vehicle Inspection Pits

Vehicle Inspection Pits are deemed as a structural product because the Pit supports the use of a Hydraulic Lifting Jack. Any load bearing and welded structural steel components must conform to the construction products regulations. (CPR). Therefore any company that manufactures vehicle inspection pits must conform to EN1090 exc2. (Harmonized standard). This is a qualification that the company must qualify for and be audited on an annual basis to receive and maintain accreditation.

This involves having a F.P.C factory control procedure as well as Coding of all welders, calibration of equipment, Traceability for all materials specific to each contract, traceability of personnel involved, full documented production records and structural calculations. After each contract is completed a D.O.P declaration of performance must be recorded. Non conformance can lead to prosecution by trading standards and removal of the product even if installed.

VEHICLE INSPECTION PITS supplied by LUCASAIDE GEMS conform to the above CE Regulations.

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