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Product description

KANE AUTOPLUS Portable -Professional 4 & 5 GAS Analyser

CO, HC, CO²,O, NOx and Lambda

Hand held and portable it can be used on Petrol/Gasoline, LPG, CNG & Diesel vehicles with a fast warm up, the AC & 12v Power Supply provides up to 4 hours internal battery life. All the functions of a Hand Held Gas Analyser but also a unique Diagnostic and Data Capture facility. It measures Gas Diagnostically, analyses the results and Suggests to the user possible faults on the vehicle

NEW SPECIAL PROMOTION PACKAGE PRICE: to include Infra Red Thermal Printer valued at £ 190.00

Part No. KANE-AUTOPLUS 4-2 (4 – GAS): Special GEMS Price - £ 1,595.00 + vat

Part No. KANE-AUTOPLUS 5-2 (5 – GAS): Special GEMS Price - £ 1,995.00 + vat

KANE Autoplus Portable Diesel Gas Analyser

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Product features

  • Completely Portable with internal Battery.
  • Fast Warm Up and easy to read
  • Date / Time & Vehicle details can be recorded and saved
  • AC and 12volt Power supply(Cigar Lighter Socket) provides up to 4 hours internal Battery life
  • Links easily to PC or appropriate Bluetooth devices
  • Compact Lightweight design
  • Multilingual software
  • Water Trap and Particle Filter
  • Pump Speed Control
  • USB / Serial with optional cable and software
  • Ideal for Pre compliance testing, vehicle diagnostics and service
  • Bluetooth
  • Kit supplied in sturdy Carrying Case

Product features

  • Infra Red Thermal Printer - GEMS Price: £190.00 + vat

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