Part No. BPA-4R S – For installation in ground or on ground (drive up ramps required).

The S series comes standard with knurled rollers which provide the highest traction between rollers and tires, a guarantee of an extremely high accuracy in measurement. Especially designed for standard car workshops and test lanes, this series has lower performances than our HP (high performance) series, maintaining the same accuracy and balanced top level components.

Axle synchronization: Electronic linked and synchronized axles via software, made by fast and precise high frequency control of eddy current brakes to synchronize the axles in a 4 wheel drive car (Bapro’s patented system). This to avoid differentials damage and to be more accurate in tests because power wasted in slippage inside the differentials is avoided too. Thanks also to this, BPA-4R S dyno is extremely easy to be installed and the maintenance is almost absent.


£45,000 + VAT

4 – Wheel Drive (Standard) Bapro Dynamometer

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