BPA-4R-HP – For installation in ground or on ground (drive up ramps required).

The HP series is the Bapro’s highest performance chassis dynamometer. A couple of belted 400 mm diameter rollers, the best guarantee for the utmost in repeatability and accuracy. With a massive tubular frame made by high strength steel, this High Performance series suites all needs: testing, R&D, motorsport, tuning and chip tuning. BPA-4R High Performance is suitable for every kind of power and torque. Benefits include:

  • Improved use of the instruments already present in workshop (diagnosis equipment) lead to shorter repair time
  • Results certification increases accessories sales and tuning business (performance enhancement)
  • No more risks and costs originated from classic road tests (traffic, accidents)
  • Second-hand vehicles sale improvement by engine health certification
  • All our car 2WD dynamometer models are upgradable to 4WD/AWD
  • Easy to install, extremely easy to use, Bapro high accuracy guaranteed
  • Renting for tests, events, motorsport balance of performance
  • All our models could be installed in or on ground


£64,000 + VAT

4 – Wheel Drive (High Power) Bapro Dynamometer

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