2 Wheel drive – Bapro Chassis Dynamometer (Standard), BPA – 2R S

The S series comes standard with knurled rollers which provides the highest traction between rollers and tyres, a guarantee of an extremely high accuracy in measurement. Equipped by eddy current brake all power is directly transferred from the wheels to the load cell. Especially designed for standard car workshops and test lanes, this series has lower performances than our HP (high performance) series. Keeping the same accuracy and top level components, this minimizing test bench maintenance over the years. All our 2-wheel drive models are upgradable to 4-wheel drive.

2 Wheel Drive Rolling Road Dynamometer (High Power), BPA – 2R HP

The HP series is the Bapro’s highest performance chassis dynamometer. A couple of belted 400 mm rollers is the best guarantee for the utmost repeatability and accuracy. With a massive tubular frame made with high strength steel, this high performance series suites all requirements: testing, R&D, motorsport, tuning and chip tuning. All our 2-wheel drive models are upgradable to 4-wheel drive.


From £20,000 + VAT

2 – Wheel Drive Bapro Dynamometer

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