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Bapro dynamometers

Bapro performace dynamometers

Garage Equipment Money Savers are the official distributors for Bapro dynamometers in the UK & Ireland. Bapro is the only company totally dedicated to the development and production of chassis dynamometers for cars and motorbikes; developing chassis dynamometers for the utmost repeatability and accuracy. Our Dyno test chassis offer you the opportunity to test every kind of Vehicle, with any power, moreover it gives immediate and significant benefits.

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Thanks to the parasitic current brake and the simple and intuitive management software, many test and checks can be carried out on the vehicle, including:
  • Road condition simulation (slopes, aerodynamic resistance, weight)
  • Testing at constant speeds and engine speeds
  • Diagnosis with any equipment, reproducing any load and speed condition
  • Endurance and inspection tests
  • Precise and repeatable power measurement
  • Execution of consumption and emission measurement cycles

Bapro offers the right solution to every needs: installation in the area chosen by the customer, installation on moving truck or trailer, installation with soundproof cabin and ventilation system.

Bapro performace dynamometers

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